How to Extend your ED Visa in Thailand
by Will >> Mar 27, 2013
If your staying in Thailand on a student (ED) visa, you need to extend it at the Thai Immigration every 90 days. Here's some useful information for extending your visa.

How to get to the immigration office

The immigration office in Bangkok is on Chaengwattana Road, in northern Bangkok. You can take the BTS to Mo Chit or the MRT to Chatuchak Park and then take a bus or taxi from there.

At Chatuchak Park there are minivans leaving to Chaeng Wattana (25 bath).

From Mo Chit station you can take a taxi to the Immigration Office which takes about 20 minutes and costs around 100 baht.

The Immigration Office

The immigration office is in the last building of a big modern Complex. When you walk into the building the Immigration Division is on the right side.

What do I need to bring to extend my ED visa?
    •    1900 baht
    •    Your Passport
    •    Copy of your passport, departure card, and your latest entry stamp
    •    1 Passport-sized photo
    •    Application Form (provided at immigration)
    •    Prepared documents of the school where you are studying
    •    Your address and phone number

In the complex you can find an ATM machine, a copy service and you can even get passport photos as well.

The Procedure of Extending your Visa

When you get inside, walk up to the main counter and tell them you need to extend your ED visa,  you will receive the appropriate TM.7 form. You could also download the TM.7 form online here.

Simply fill out the form, attach your photo and hand it back to the counter where they will check it once more for you.

If everything is in order you can go through to the next room and queue up for a ticket number.

All the counters have different type numbers, on your ticket you can find the right counter. Sit down in front of that counter and wait for your number to be called.

When your number is called, step inside, hand them your documents and 1900 bath. They will add your information into their computer and then you need to go wait outside the counter again.

After an hour or so they will call out your number personally and hand you your passport with the new extension.

The Immigration Office opens at 8.30 am and it closes between 12.00-1.00 for lunch, so try to be there before 10.00 am or go there after 1.00 pm.

Good luck.



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