How to Find an Apartment in Bangkok
by Will >> Mar 7, 2013
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So you've decided you want to live in Bangkok, but how do you find an apartment in this huge city? Here's some advice on how to look for an apartment in Bangkok.

What is your budget?
In Bangkok you can find apartments in many price ranges from 3,000 baht/month up to 50,000 baht/month. It really depends on the kind of money you have to spend and what expectations you have for the room. So before you start apartment hunting, consider how much you can afford to pay each month.

What area would you like to live in?

Bangkok has many nice area's to live in, keep in mind that popular locations have a much higher price tag. The most popular area's are around sukhumvit where all the hot spots are, or area's close to BTS stations. Although you might want to consider less crowded area's where prices are cheap and traffic is less. Since traffic is a real big issue in Bangkok, it would be smart to find an apartment close to your work place. Therefore it's very advisable to find a job first before you start looking for apartments.

Find Apartments Online
Many apartments in Bangkok can be found online, although the majority of them are in the higher class price range, you can find some cheap rooms online as well. This website has a big list of cheap apartments. All apartments are categorised based on locations or facilities such as located nearby BTS, comes with fitness, Free Wifi etc. Another great website to find cheap accommodation in Bangkok, this website makes it easy to search for apartments based on your budget. Aside from a great forum, Thaivisa also has classifieds for housing in Thailand, you can find many listings from 15,000 baht/month and up. Craigslist also has many classifieds for accommodation in Thailand. Keep in mind these are classifieds for Thailand, so you have to do some searching to find apartments in Bangkok.

Look for Apartments at Location
Since not all apartments are being advertised online, especially If your looking for the cheapest price range, you will have a better chance finding an apartment on location. Simply look for apartment buildings in the area of your preference and ask the reception if you can have a look at their rooms. Some apartments don't have a reception, if they have rooms available you will mostly find a telephone number somewhere. Simply call the phone number and ask if you can have a look at the room. Google maps can be a useful tool to locate apartment complexes in a specific area.

Ask for advice on Bangkokfaces
Another great way to find apartments in Bangkok is to ask advice from other members here on Many of our members have lived in Bangkok for years and they can give you the best advice on area's to look for or maybe even recommend a few places for you.

Good luck apartment hunting!



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  • Make friends with some native Bangkokians and ask for their opinion. They'll know all the affordable but cool spots that don't advertise and will be happy to advise you on their home city and your adopted one. I was led to the apartment of my dreams this way!! ;)
    Apr 29, 2013
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